Ugarit Cola
Ugarit Cola is our main brand. A lot of investment in our time and capital was made during the development of Ugarit Cola, with the help and technical supervision from our european partners. The outcome of this cooperation is what we believe the best tasting and highest quality Cola in the market. Ugarit Cola is available in a number of sizes and types of containers.


Cheer Up
Cheerup is a lemon flavored carbonated soft drink with a unique and refreshing taste.


Spiral, the orange flavor member in the family of our products.


Ugarit Juice
Ugarit Juices is our natural drink product made from natural fruit concentrates, produced and blended in our own manufacturing facilities. Almost all of the concentrates we use is produced from fruits supplied to us directly from farmers. Ugarit Juices is available in a number of flavors: Orange, Apple, Red Grape, Lemon, Mango, Apricot, Fruit Mix and Orange & Lemon mix.


250ml natural juice drink in Tetrapack packaging. It is also available in a number of flavors:
Orange, Orange & Lemon mix, Apple, Peach and Mango.


125ml juice drink in Tetrapack packaging. Available in the following flavors:
Orange, Strawberry, Orange & Lemon mix, Apple and


330ml Non alcoholic drink available in five special flavors Apple, Strawberry, Lemon, Peach and malt