What is Ugarit?

 Ugarit, the kingdom that had a golden past in administration, education, diplomacy, law, religion and  Economics between 16th and 13th centuries BC. It is located 16 km to the north of Lattakia, which is still  Syria's principal port. It has been described as "probably the First great international port in history". From  this site in ancient times, a good deal Of the Eastern Mediterranean's trade with Mesopotamia was  conducted; and much Of the later Phoenician commercial and cultural expansion took its inspiration, not  Least through the development of the alphabet. Ugarit is the kingdom that gave Humanity the first alphabet  in the world. Experts have confirmed the connection Between this alphabet and other alphabets  in common use nowadays. This alphabet is still preserved on a Cay tablet at the National Museum in  Damascus. Our name, Ugarit, was inspired by this great ancient city Most famous for trading.